Antelope/Deer Hunt Outfitters
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Guided Hunts for Big Game Hunters

Antelope/Deer Hunt Outfitters does town hunts out of Rawlins, Wyoming. When going on a guided hunt with us, you provide your lodging, morning and evening meals. We pick you up in the morning and head to the hunt. We hunt in a trophy antelope area out of four-wheel-drive pickups and provide sack lunches, snacks, water, and soda.

Bring Home Trophy Antelopes & Mule Deer

In order to judge the size of bucks, we use spotting scopes. We tell you the size of the horns and you decide if you want to take him. If we recognize a trophy, we'll tell you to take him. We then stalk on foot, waiting for a good shot opportunity. You will be expected to shoot accurately at 250 yards, but the further the better. We use a tri-pod for bracing your gun since you will be hunting in open sagebrush country.

Our Available Hunts

We offer antelope and mule deer hunts only during 2019. Our two-day rifle hunt is $1,800.00 per hunter for antelope. A 50% deposit is required to book a hunt. All antelope licenses are a draw for bucks.

Information for Applying for a License

You can buy additional doe tags, but it may not be the same area as your buck tag. Bring coolers for the transport of meat and the head. We have processors and taxidermists in town. We also have our own shop that we use to skin and quarter; however some hunters prefer to take their animal home whole. I can apply for your license for you or assist you, if you'd like.

We require the following to apply for the Wyoming game license draw:

Name | Address | Telephone Number | Last Four of Social Security Number | Date of Birth |Height | Weight | Hair Color | Eye Color | Driver's License | State and Number

Payment and Policies

Guided Antelope Hunt is $1800 required with a $600 deposit (to book the hunt). If drawing for license and tag is unsuccessful, the deposits will be returned by us, and the state of Wyoming will mail back the application fee.