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Applying For Special Licenses

It is very important to have a preference point for your hunt. Antelope/Deer Hunt Outfitters based out of Rawlins, Wyoming, suggests if you are going to buy hunting licenses, you should purchase one with a preference point in mind. This costs $341.00 per license. An antelope special license is $660.00 with a preference point.

The Importance Of Preference Point

Every tag is a draw, but these licenses increase your draw odds. The application period is January 1st through May 31st. Their results come out in the middle of June. When determining your preferred area, keep the area in which we hunt in mind. Here is a map of the area we provide antelope hunts in.

Hunting Map

Back-Up Preference Points

It is important to have a second choice for preference points. The application period for preference point is July 1st through October 31st. The application (Form 30) is available on the G&F website on June 15th. Apply through Wyoming Game and Fish™.

Before you submit your application online, check these important factors:

• Verify that the application form number is the same as the one indicated on the map and charts for the species and type you wish.
• If you are applying as a party, complete the party application block. All applicants (limit of six) should fill out the applications in the same manner—same species, area, type, and order or preference—and include all applications in one envelope.
• Complete the name, Sportsperson Identification Number, and address portion of the application.
• List date of your birth.
• Include your telephone number. This may enable clarification of any questionable application material.
• You or your representative has to sign the application. Your representative should sign their own signature for the applicant name. Here is an example, John Doe for John Smith (where John Doe is the Representative for John Smith).
• Submit the proper fee payable to Wyoming Game and Fish Department.
• Review species hunt area maps to ensure your desired area is properly completed.
• Address your envelope properly and mail to: Wyoming Game and Fish Department, License Draw Section, 5400 Bishop Boulevard, Cheyenne, WY 82006-0001
• Mail your application early in the application period.